About us

Predays.com is proudly the first "complete" online marketplace in UAE built entirely in UAE by our dedicated team of UAE. Predays.com is a powerful yet very simple and easy-to-use tool that lets you quickly find or sell literally anything under the sun; anyone can come here to find a house to live in, sell their old car, bike, mobile phone, laptop, furniture; promote their business or event, find a tutor, find your life partner, and much much more! Predays.com connects buyers and sellers at a regional level within cities and delivers remarkable user experience for all communities. Predays.com is backed by The Ferozsons Publishing Group which is one of the most trusted and admired companies in UAE for over 60 years.

Our Objectives:

  • Deliver a clean, safe and simple experience.
  • Enable our users to buy and sell items easily and efficiently using the most dynamic and advanced set of tools and features available on the internet.
  • Provide consumers and businesses a tool to buy and sell locally within cities at a community level.